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Spring Break America

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Adventuring In The Arches


Life is short, time flies by with age. Follow your passion and hold onto your youth. The month of February has came by quick and treated me great while it was here. I've had the opportunity to visit Wyoming and Utah, explored amazing parks in Colorado, and even did a standup comedy set (perhaps more to come in the future of PP).

February's first weekend started off with Kim and I visiting  Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. Only a few hours away from our house and a little less than $20 to spend the day soaking up inside of hot springs was worth every penny. It was freezing outside, mountains and snow surrounded every spring we laid our bodies in. The relaxing sensation of the water was amazing. Deer approached the pools where we were laying was rad. Although I'm not a big fan of the city of Denver due to the lack of diversity and culture. The state of Colorado in general makes up for it with being surrounded by nature and wild animals.


With Va…

New Year, New Goals, New Mexico

The New Year! New life and new goals to complete. After a tremendous year that 2016 brought, it's time to look ahead with exciting adventures to come. I curated a list of goals I plan to achieve. Living in Denver has given me a new twist of tasks to accomplish this year. Some of my goals include: hiking more mountains, voyaging to unknown territory in the Midwest, run a full marathon within twenty four hours time, practice more mindfulness techniques, and continue my passion of entertainment.

My last hour of the year ended with me sitting in a hot tub with a bunch of strangers at a house party. Once it hit midnight, we popped the champagne as balloons fell from the ceiling. It was a spectacular night with a great group of people we met through Denver Couch Surfing Crew. The next morning we woke up encouraged to start the year off right by traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We packed the car and brought the dog and drove south of home. The ride there was astonishing due to all the s…

The Year Of Achievement

The year of achievement.

This year I succeed in so many personal goals I set for myself. I'm proud to finish such a great year with my girlfriend and I being able to reminisce on all our memories. This year was filled with traveling, friends, family, music, media, and press. It's been without a doubt one of the best years of my life. I would like to share with you how it got to this point and the steps that were taken to make this better than previous years.

Top 5 highlights of the year

1. Camping across country
2. The Last Hostel Show Ever
3. Visiting my best friends in Burlington/Montreal
4. Going to Mexico for a wedding
5. The Baltimore BNote second series launch

Bonus point: Seeing (literally) my top 3 favorite bands this year.

The beginning of the year started with a bang! Kim, James, and I woke up January 1st on a farm in northern Maryland, after a night of alcohol, karaoke, and turtlenecks at an affluent mansion party. Kim and I walked outside for the first time i…