Friday, October 24, 2014

I have a new apartment/Transmodern Stuff

Da News:

Transmodern Festival
Transmodern is one of the most incredible/amazing art and visual movement you can attend in Maryland. It's a week long full of art and different varieties of expression through galleries, warehouses, etc. It was a 7 day long event. My girlfriend and I attended it the first night which was a workshop on parade making, and music then we all dressed as the weirdest things imaginable with anywhere from 50-100 people walking down the streets of Baltimore. We made it to a gallery and watched some performance art.

We attended the last day which was under a Rite Aid, in a rented out Police Department garage and it was the most insane shit ever. You get on an elevator and go down as soon as you get off there is a boy naked and sweating repeating himself that "You haven't lived till you experience life after the sun". Followed by that you walk in and the walls are made of see through curtains and you see a girl singing about Hell. She is also naked and in front of a green screen that is projecting distorted images. Followed by that you see a woman in a chair with a blindfold on screaming, then a guy sitting on a chair on a platform peeing in a box that he later let's drip on his head. Next in line we have a guy drooling all over himself, while sitting on a dead pigs head, followed by that we have a boy in a straightjacket singing the national anthem in front of a green screen with images of historical places around the world. We had 4 girls dressed as fairies jumping around, lastly and most importantly we have girls almost fully naked besides wearing open lab coats. They had flash lights on their heads as well as cameras that would blind you as you looked at it the camera was projecting you onto a big screen in the warehouse. It was nuts, and an amazing experience.

I have officially moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend. We live in Station North, for weeks we restlessly looked for a place that would fit our budget and scene. The moving in part was heavy and rough but it's a sick 2 bedroom apartment. We also have a basement practically to our selves. It's super massive and didn't have any steps or a way down till we mentioned it the landlord and they finally put steps so now we got this huge space that we plan to throw basements shows and parties in.

I made it to my 8th year of being a vegetarian (or just not eating meat). I started October 1st, 2006 (I was 16). I was asked by a high school friend to help support them as they tried becoming vegetarian they didn't even make it a month. I decided to stick it out and now I'm 8 years in. I've been living off pizza, french fries, and mozzarella sticks for most of those years till I met my girlfriend who has introduced me to a way healthier life style filled with fruits and veggies. It's dope. The plan is to make it to 10 years then who knows what from then.

I was asked if my band The Shaky Experience were interested in playing a show at Shockwave Records, October 1st. Which we were and did. It was a really fun set. We performed very well. I brought my life size cardboard cut out of Bill Clinton. He was crowd surfed during our set. It was awesome to watch and play.
We also played a show at Club K, October 16th. It was super dope although we were very drunk.

I recently got CPR Certified by the Red Cross paid for by my work (HI)

I worked on the set of Veep recently as an extra. I unfortunately can't deliver too many details about this till the episode is released however I can say during break I sat in a van right next to Tony Hale. It was super awesome to be next to him again, and I got to be in scenes with a lot of the bigger actors/actresses of the series.

ATP Festival was amazing
It was basically bands getting together to form super groups and cover other old bands. This band The Skunks dressed as skunks and covered The Monks. They were super great, as well as Dan Deacon created a band called Family Matters and played Family Matters theme song fused with noise music. It was all awesome. I loved it.

I saw Roomrunner and Dope Body at a double album release party which was fucking great!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

End Of Summer Road Trip: Burlington VT. Montreal, CA.

(In this blog. I make my goal come a little bit closer by stepping foot into 2 new states I have never been to which were New Hampshire, and Vermont. This now has brought me up to 34 states in America. My goal is to step foot in all 50 states by the age of 30. I am currently 24)

I took a huge last minute road trip recently from Baltimore to Burlington, Vermont. This trip would have my girlfriend and I visit many other places during this trip including Montreal, Que'bec, Canada. The meaning of this trip was to visit and stay with a friends who just moved up to VT.

We stopped in so many states on our way up such as PA, DE, NJ, NY, we stayed in Bridgeport, CT for the night with one Kim's Peace Corp friends. We passed the WWE head quarters on our way up which unleashed the nerd inside of me! We continued and made it to her friends house K. She literally just moved into her new house that day. It was huge with nothing in it except her amazing golden 3 year lab A'rue. He was born in Guatemala. He was a very playful and fun dog. We hung out drank unfiltered beer, K and I smoked. We got pretty stoned. It definitely turned into a wild night full of ridiculous laughter.

The next morning we all had breakfast together and then Kim and I departed from K to continue up to Vermont. 

We continued our journey up north passed through Springfield, MA, stopped in New Hampshire for a brief rest and for delicious moon pies. We then finally made it to Vermont. 

Brattleboro, Vermont.

This is the name of the super incredible down I HIGHLY suggest you look it up right now. This very second, take a minute and Google imagine this town.'re back I assume/hope.
Brattleboro is a twin of the town of Asheville, NC.  
It's really, really cool. It has a big eco-friendly, hippy, hipster vibe to it. They have many local record stores, thrift shops, boutiques, bars, and restaurants. It was nice. We walked around the town for awhile, checked out the stores, bought some random stuff. and got back in that car and continued driving.

During our drive we saw so many mountains, we watched the sunset. It was the best. We finally made it to my friends house James and Cait, in Burlington, VT.

We greeted, relaxed, and then went out and they showed us around down town Burlington. It was super. It had a Canton Water Front, 10x bigger Fells Point look to it. We hung out on the pier for a bit. We got pizza, we got local brewed craft beer that was delicious. We then went to another bar and got 


Voted best beer in America, definitely one of the strongest beers too. It got us super wasted, we walked around the town a little more and called it a night.

The next day was a big one! We went everywhere. We first got the most delicious breakfast I have ever had in my entire life. I got eggs, pancakes, hash browns, VT maple syrup, and on my plate it came with a blood orange. It was so damn good. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place but FUCK it was amazing!

Anyway... I ate everything on my plate, and it was a lot! We then went to what brought James M. up to Vermont in the first place. His new job at Burton Snowboards. He gave us the tour of Burton and gave us some great discounts on gear there. We then left and decided to go hiking up a mountain till we reached Devil's Chair. It was sick, the views were amazing. I was really impressed by the atmosphere and environment there. We then started going to different breweries around the city. There is over 10 breweries in Burlington alone. We continued to get "Flights" which is like 6 shots of different beers in which that brewery makes. We got really good cheese to snack on as well.

We then hung out on the beach for the rest of the day and watched the sun go down, we played frisbee in the water, layer in the sand, and listened to music.
The night arrived so we left got some dinner, and then ate at Ben and Jerry's which was founded in Burlington, VT. It was tight. We called it a night.

The next morning we woke up super early and we all headed to


We all took our passports and headed up the road for a 45 minute drive to the Canadian board, August 31st. It was amazing to be back in such an incredible country. We made it to Que'bec and of course everything was in French as none of us know French so we down load Duolingo but it doesn't do us much good.

We arrived to Montreal and our first stop was in a casino for a bathroom break and to pull out some Canadian money. We started driving again, we passed

                             Habitat 66'

It was super cool seeing that in person, and to take a few pictures of it. We hiked MT ROYAL for a little bit and made it to the cross all the way at the top and got a great city view. We hung out in some hipster part of town with a lot of great art and murals that were pleasant to see. We got lunch/dinner. We went to 2nd cup for frozen hot chocolate, and enjoyed the down."

We had to head back early so we left got back home, ate some Asian food, watched Trailer Park Boys and went to bed early as for Kim and I had a long journey back to Baltimore. We drove forever and finally made it back it was an incredible trip with a lot of fun new experiences.


Side Stories:

We took a trip to go camping, hiking, and exploring we saw some cool stuff in Old Rag, VA but mainly Shenandoah and it looked like dis!

I went and saw Lone, an electronic musician at DC's own U Street Music Hall. The visual he put out while listening to his set was super dope.

Here is one of my own person favorite tunes from this gent.

I went and saw Fitz and The Tantrums briefly at Power Plant for a Ravens Kick off festival thing. It was pretty decent for alternative poppy music.

I also went and saw Com Truise for FREE at Ottobar, Sept 16th during Two for Tuesdays, and during the Orioles win clinching them the AL East Division. Commy put on a great show and visual for the show was stellar. I've had a great September.
Another thing I did recently was see Hall and Oates at Pier Six, for free with my best friend since 2007 Mike Wolf.

I hung out with my best friends Mike and Thom, and Kim later arrived to see Future Islands at Hampden Fest for free!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

TPIR Trip 2: San Francisco

The Price Is Right did a rerun of my episode today August 18th, 2014

I am back from San Francisco! It was an incredible trip. My trip took place August 7th and I came back August 13th. I took it with one of my best friends I've known since second grade, Adam Booz. We did so much in less then a week, and I have HUGE story to tell down below about it all.

Starting off I should say the travel adviser for this trip screwed a few things up. The dates got confused. I was booked for the wrong day and had a lot of things I had to do myself to make sure my flight dates were the same as my hotel dates because trust me they weren't before I called and checked.

I choose the dates of my trip to be August 7th-13th.  I choose these dates because this is when Outside Lands Music Festival was happening, unfortunately by the time the travel adviser confirmed he could give me these dates the tickets to the festival were already sold out, but it was completely fine! I got to watch and listen to some of my favorite bands such as

Arctic Monkeys, Chromeo, Death Cab For Cutie, Lykke Li, Cut Copy, The Kooks, The Killers.

Anyway enough about that! Onto the awesome stuff!

We left for our flight, we made it into the SF airport at 9am, we caught the train to our hotel which was Union Square which was cool because we were surrounded by an art market in the square everyday. There were fancy clothing stores we checked out, and trolleys running up and down our street daily. It was nice, and when we booked into our hotel we both received $50 food and beverage cards for the restaurant connected to our hotel. There were huge batch of free cookies 24/7 at the hotel, and a mini bar in the lounge. It was pleasant and all FREE!

We walked around SF and did a little bit of exploring around the city and discovered Hosteling International SF was two blocks away from our hotel. We walked in and checked it and they were having a pub crawl that night we decided to attend. Before we actually went out to the pub crawl we decided to use some of our $50 beverage card, we got many drinks there, ate plenty of free cookies, watching 49er's vs the Ravens (Ironically it was playing while we were in SF). We went back to the hostel and they gathered about 40 guests and we all headed to our first destination which was another HI in SF and they had a bar in the hostel, we had a few drinks there, hung out and they gave me discounts due to me working at HI - Baltimore. It was nice! We went to two other bars did the same and a little bit of dancing and then headed out to The Owl Tree, which was a super cool bar the atmosphere was nice and so was the designs on the bar. It was fun! We decided to call it a night early due to being awake for 14 hours, so we went back to the hostel and immediately crashed.

The next day! It was time to really explore and have some FUN!
We walked so much that day, so many miles, so much to see. We walked and explored the culture of China Town, we saw so many rad murals, kimonos, oriental lanterns, etc. We also got some delicious bumble tea while there.

We then made our way to the Coit Tower, which gave us an incredible view of the city! The ocean, the actually city buildings, and the infamous Lombard street were all in our view.

Afterwards we walked down to Fisherman's Wharf which was a big tourist attraction and we made our way to Pier 39 where apparently according to a plaque I saw in the year 2009 there were over 1700 seals living in that spot. We saw so many! It was a beautiful sight to see all the sea lions and relax by the ocean and feel the chills of the ocean breeze.
We then left to walk up and down the infamous Lombard Street. It was  really cool to see this and make our way here. We took many pictures and it was an amazing hike.

We made our way to Golden Gate Park this is where we tried to figure our way to get inside to see Outside Lands, unfortunately security were too tough, and had horse, plus there were 3 massive fences you had to hop, luckily we made our way into the woods and got great views from outside of the festival, there were huge screens for each band playing and the music was definitely loud enough to hear so we watched Chromeo and they played an amazing set! I was very impressed and glad I got to watch and listen with other random people who decided it's a better idea to save $350 and watch from outside and BYOB. We then had 2 hours before Arctic Monkeys came on so we explored the park. We checked out the Japanese Tea Garden and made our way back to see AM. They were good, they played all their new stuff which I am not a huge fan of, and the style they play and dress like now is a little too much, however it was a cool gig to watch. We then made our way back to the hotel and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up got free breakfast just like every other morning, showered, cleaned up, then Adam and I made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful! We did a lot of sight seeing there, we walked the bridge back and fourth, the wind was very cold but I strongly enjoy cold weather. It was perfect. Seeing a historic bridge like that and walking across it. We walked back. starred into the ocean and just sat around for a bit. We then would head back to Golden Gate Park to head to Outside Lands to see The Kooks, and Death Cab For Cutie.

During us being there, many guys and girls tried jumping the fence to see the bands. It was very entertaining to watch actually.

A group of 20 people all jumped the fence at once while 5 security officers with horses came over to stop them most of them made it over except for one who was too late. The one was on top of the fence and his I-phone fell out of his pocket so he jumped over the fence reached his hand out and a horse crushed his hand!!! As he tried picking up his phone. After the people would make it over the 1st round of fences there were 3 more and cops on mini motorcycles would surround them and take them under control. We were told most of the one's taking in were arrested. The guy who told us that was one of the many who jumped the fence. His shorts were destroyed! As well as the rest of his clothes. He said he barely made it and luckily the cops couldn't catch him

We crawled under branches, and climbed trees and rocks. It was a ton of fun. Security blew whistles at us but we were doing much except making weird noises and trying to confuse them to be funny.

We watched The Kooks, it was cool to hear all their hit songs, and brought memories back of my teenage years. We then headed over to Haight Ashbury. This was a super cool town. Lots going on, plenty of art, craft beers, and thrift stores around. We got a happy hour at some artsy bar. It was tight. We saw our bus and ran out the bar to catch it and I was probably a nano second from getting hit by a car on the other side. I was so close to death but luckily it just missed me by less then an inch. YAY I survived. Anyway we went back and

We watched Death Cab For Cutie. They were amazing I was super impressed. They played 4 songs off my favorite album of all time (Narrow Stairs). That was very enjoyable.

We then made our way on the subway heading back to our hotel and some random man and woman were sitting on the subway and the woman was very fucked up on something and she started giving away FREE weed to everyone on the subway. She gave us $40 worth of weed completely FREE! We went back to the hotel and slept. There is definitely more of this story to come about the free weed. Continue reading...

The next morning we had a lazy morning, went to Washington Square. Adam bought me pizza we ate it in the square and then went back to the park for the last day of the festival to go see Lykke Li, Cut Copy, and The Killers. Adam decided to go back to Haight Ashbury to explore some more as I watched Lykke Li. I was very unimpressed. I expected way better and would suggest not seeing her performance. It really wasn't much of anything. I then watched Cut Copy for the 5th time in my life and WOW they nailed it! The show was very dancey and they just proved again they still have what it takes to keep their fans coming back for more. The music was excellent so was the stage presence. My phone was about to die and I contact Adam to meet me to watch The Killers. He does, we watched most of it and then called it a weekend.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for our tour of Alcatraz which was one of the other prizes I won! We headed to Fisherman's Wharf got some 711 and headed on the tour boat. It was so awesome. We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, we circled Alcatraz twice, they gave us great stories of Alcatraz. It was awesome to listen to. It was just really nice to be on the cruse and relax. We then got off the boat and immediately found out from people Robin Williams died. We decide to go pay respect and go to the house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed.

We first decided to go to the International Cocktail Lounge for $2.50 Blue Moons 4-8pm. I bought one then this really drunk Irish man Ryan challenged me to pool. Early in the game he destroyed me! He only had to hit in the 8 ball, but missed. I had 4 balls left to hit in. I hit all of them in my one turn. I beat him he bought me another Blue Moon. I finished it asap! He challenged me again, he beat me so quick! I buy myself a beer, the bartender decides he had too much. A new bartender comes in, Ryan and I play one last round. He destroys me again but this time hits in the 8 ball. I WIN! I then meet 4 other Irish people, Adam goes outside to smoke weed with Ryan. I tell my new Irish friends I won The Price Is Right and this is why I am here. They tell me after we were finished this bar they're taking us to Bourbon and Branch. I buy another beer. I'm on my 4th Blue Moon draft and I'm feeling drunk. I meet a Seattle woman she buys me another Blue Moon. I'm on 5 and now I'm watching the Seattle woman play Ryan in pool. I walk outside and she comes out and hands me another Blue Moon and tells me to chug it. I did. I am then VERY drunk!

A English guy comes in with his new wife and starts playing Arctic Monkeys old stuff on the jukebox. We all start singing, he demands to buy me a drink. He buys me a vodka coke. This is my 7th drink at this bar and I haven't even spent $10 yet.

A news reports comes on the tv of the bar and it states Robin Williams death was a suicide. Adam calls a Lyft we head to the house Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed. There were news crews all over the place. We leave our Lyft driver gets lost she takes us back to the bar we were at. None of our old chums are there. We leave and head to the bus.

We get on the bus for free, and we start talking to some random girl on the bus she tells us she's headed to the bar she works at which is Bourbon and Branch, which is literally the coolest bar in the entire world. GOOGLE IT RIGHT NOW! You will be impressed. Anyway she gets us in through everyone else although you need a rsvp. She buys us a round of shots, then she bought us a round of cocktails. We talk about random stories, she then takes us to a bookcase. She presses a button. The bookcase opens and inside is another bar. She buys us another round of cocktails takes us to a wall, presses a button that opens to an old detective room. She takes us in the basement and shows us the whole bar. We leave together, we head back to our hotel and I offer her and Adam to smoke the weed. I can't due the possible chance of me getting into another clinical trial soon. Her and Adam smoke some of it.

We got to sleep. Adam is deadly hung over. I go for a run, and I went to all the places we went to before. I go to AT&T Park this time. I passed the IGN building which was a nerds dream for me. I lay in the grass at City Hall in SF. I found a Pokemon card on the ground.  I head back we pack up. We had a ton of weed left over.

We hand the rest of the weed to a homeless guy, and a lighter. It made his day for sure. He was shocked!

We caught the train back to the subway. We got on our flight, head back home, meet our partners, and there is my girlfriend who picked us up and gave me mozzarella sticks as a come back gift as well as many kisses and hugs!

It was an incredible trip and it was my 3rd being back in California in a year period.
Thank you The Price Is Right!
Thank you for reading.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TPIR Trip 1: Lake Tahoe

This year I won some prizes on The Price Is  Right. One of the major things I won was a trip to Lake Tahoe Nevada/California boarder line. My hotel was literally on the state line! I also won $400 worth of golf, and a rental car which is a big part of this story. This is also the first time I have ever been on a plane.

We woke up at 6 am, and got on the plane at 7:54 am. I have never been on a plane, and this was a really incredible experience for me as for I want to do world traveling my whole life but have never wanted to really do it by plane, but now I see plane's aren't bad at all and I actually really enjoyed the ride. We had a layover in Salt Lake City, Utah. That was my first time ever in UT. I got to walk around the airport a bit and see all the mountains outside. It was gorgeous. We finally arrived in Reno, Nevada which was also my first time ever in NV. We took a 1 hour shuttle to our hotel in South Lake Tahoe...

I stayed at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, with one of my best friends Thom. I stayed in room 628, a master bedroom, with 10 free drink coupons on any drink in the whole bar of the hotel, free breakfast every morning, a popcorn machine during happy hour and the place had a hot tub and indoor pool. It was nice.

Day 1 (Hot Tub Drunks)
Our first day, we checked in got cleaned up, walked around the town, it was beautiful everything was wooden paneled. Fresh air, trees, mountains, and casinos surrounded us. We got pizza at Blue Dog Pizza. It was delicious. We walked back started the happy hour and got drunk pretty quick. We hung out in the hot tub and started hanging with the other guest, ate free popcorn, and saw a Ron Jeremy (Ronny J, Ronald Jeremiah) look alike in the pool. We then went to the casino next store to discover they give free drinks to everyone playing the machines in there. We hung out met an awesome local server there. We watched the music, did a little bit of gabbling and called it a night.

Day 2 (Bear stalking)
We ate the free breakfast, and headed out to go bear hunting, and by that I mean hopefully run into a bear and give it a bear hug. We hiked a lot that day at Van Sickle Park. It was awesome. Just imagine to extremely sweaty guys getting the best view possible of Lake Tahoe. We found a water fall high up top but it was way too cold and would of made our testicles shrivel in seconds.  We headed back to the hotel, we hit up the pool and did their famous happy hour again! (Damn that place was incredible on happy hour, not only is any drink at the bar free with a coupon, if you run out every drink is only $2) Everyone was drunk around 5 pm everyday there. We got some advice to head to Zeypher Beach, we took a bus there, and relaxed on the beach and watched the sun set, as Canadian geese stormed us for food. It was nice, we left and went to bed.

Day 3 (Jimmy Buffett & Creed Covers)
We're sick of the breakfast so I drank a ton of tea, orange juice, and ate watermelon. We get word now to head to Mid-Town so we walked there. We found this really nice beach where we spent a great majority of our day, but then we went to this delicious organic food place called Sprouts. I ate steamed vegetables with tofo. This place was practically the talk of the town and definitely worth the reputation. It looked great and tasted great there. I highly recommend anyway to go there. We walked back to the hotel to pick up our bathing suits, during our time back we saw this hilarious man named Fabreezio dressed in a Hawaiian t-shirt, with a long mullet, cover Macy Grey - I Try (I try to say goodbye, and I choke song), as well as other crappy covers like Creed, Jimmy Buffett, etc. He was set up right out front of our hotel with keyboard and everything. We laugh and head back to the beach where we killed off a 12 pack and sat in the sand for hours, walked in clear water out very far as for you're still only knee deep somehow, played frisbee, and about 4 hours later we go back to hotel and the same Hawaiian shirt man is playing. He's been playing for at least 7 hours now, I ate a $3 quesadilla and we continuing watching him cover every 70s-80s song you could think of. It started to become kinda fun and entertaining to watch him take so many request and cover so many songs. We then eventually made our way to the hot tub. We sat in there for awhile and then went back to bed wasted and passed out.

Day 4 (Hitch Hiking with a drunk)
 It was time to PLAY GOLF! However did I forget to mention I'm not 25 and I couldn't get a rental car for that reason?!? Yes it's true I am 24 and won a rental car but they were not willing to fork it over, and the golf range was 10 miles away from my hotel. I tried to think of every way possible how I was going to get there cheaply but I couldn't think of a thing, there was a bus that went to The "Y" which I took but I still had another 5 miles to go. I made it to The "Y" and walked around and highly considered walking the 5 miles then I walked into a grocery store and thought about asking strangers for rides. I didn't... so I walked outside and saw some crazy looking man who smelled like alcohol, who looked like an old version of Will Ferrell, his name is Tom, and is 47 years old that use to live in New Zealand for 12 years, and lived in Nevada for 17 years. I asked him how to get from there to the golf course and he said drive down you can't miss it. I told him I wasn't driving and he said he would give me a ride. He did and we made it to the golf course, I asked him if he wanted to play $400 worth of golf with me for driving me down. It seemed like he crapped his pants but I wouldn't know due to the smell of alcohol, he was so excited and said yes but first he needed to ride back "to where he was staying" we arrived at some cabin house, and it looked em of glasses of rum and coke and damn he was getting lit.pty we came back to meet his old lady, who gave me a million hippy hugs, and he started making a couple
I'm thinking shit, I just met this guy and he's going to kill me for being drunk and driving and I just offered the bastard $400 of golf, YOLO!

We headed back to the golf course they gave us our clubs, balls, and our golf kart which I drove all over the course with and damn that was so much fun! This is my first time playing golf and I am telling you the honest 100% truth I KICKED ASS, especially this guys ass in golf I did so well and it was so much fun. I am so sad it had to end at the 18th hole. He bought us plenty of beers on the course. I was starting to swerve too much in the kart so some old man came up to us and asked us if we were okay which was fucking sick because every time someone came over to us the guy Thom would say. He won this on The Price Is Right! We have our rights to play here and do whatever we went.
I'm starting to feel like a celebrity at this moment, so for kicking Thom's ass in golf he buys me a 12 bottle pack of Blue Moon Summer Wheat, and dropped me back off at my hotel.
I'm back at the hotel and the Hawaiian t-shirt guy is playing for another 9 hour says the bartenders outside! I start to respect the hell out of him although he's now playing Train - Soul Sister, which kinda makes me want to laugh at him more but he was cool, we find out his name is Fabreezio. He told us he's opened up for Journey, Bad Company, and Bob Seager. We drank 4 of our Blue Moons each, did the happy hour for 2 margarita's for me, and I ask Fabreezio if he'll cover Here Comes The Sun, he does. I ask him to cover Don't Fear The Reaper. He does, but asks us to play cow bell with him, which I filmed. It will be up soon! It's awesome, we beat the hell out of that cow bell. I entertained the people outside. I then ask if he'll cover MARGARITAVILLE but have me do vocals. He agreed to it. Usually I know this song very well but this time I butch many of the lyrics but still manage to impress the people there. It's time to call it a night and pass out. I had a long one.

Day 5 (We fall of cliffs)
I heard word to check out Emerald Bay, which was definitely the best part of this whole entire trip. We took a bus to The "Y" again, we then took a trolley from there. It was a 30 minute beautiful ride to Emerald Beach. I mean it was super amazing scenic route up mountains. We made it and Thom suggested we rock climb and climb down the 200 foot cliff to get down to the beach. I agree and holy shit that was so dangerous! It was awesome but definitely super dangerous there was a point where Thom got stuck on the edge of cliff and had no where to go as I start climbing back up and fell down really hard and cut up my leg. I climbed back to the park aid and hung out there. I showed her my cut, she gave me her thermos to pour water on it and then I asked for a napkin but she didn't have any so I used a yellow sticky note to wipe the blood off. She gave me free water and bandaged me up. I heard from Thom about an hour later. He was completely red, and panting, he got water, he cooled off, and we made it the beach. We got in the crystal clear water, starred out to the island, walked around the castle, and had an amazing time. We got back on the trolley and headed back on our way to the hotel.

We made it back to the hotel to get our last round of free happy hour drinks, we drank them and remember Fabreezio told us he was playing Americana Grill. Turns out that is another hotel that we weren't staying at however the front desk girl at the hotel was one of the sweetest people I've ever met and she let us in where Fabreezio was playing which had a pool, hot tub, and sauna, which we got in all of them, we were getting drunk at a hotel that wasn't our. It was awesome! We listened to more Fabreezio covers as he played primarily to old people. we watched his whole set and hung out with him after he finished.
                                      Babies are being thrown at us!
We then left and were walking back to the hotel and 2 thug guys and some ghetto chick ran at us with their baby and launched their stroller at us with the baby inside of it, and called us fags. It was somewhere hilarious but also sad.... We kept walking. We made it back to the hotel, cleaned up a little bit and headed to the casino where we met our friend Jessica who works there, and she gave us tons of free drinks from the casino. We were trashed in the casino next store to our hotel and I gabbled $1 and made $15 off the machine I walked out with about $30 of winnings that night. It was sick. We called it a night and went to sleep.

We took the plane back to SLC, had a 3 hour layover, we got our plane back to Baltimore and now I am home. This trip was insanely awesome, it was easily one of the best experiences of my life. I miss the West Coast and can't wait to go back August 7th to San Francisco for my 2nd trip I won on The Price Is Right.

day falling off a cliff, swimming in clear water, seeing fabrezzio at another hotel, having a baby thrown at us, winning $15 at the casino, drinking our 12 black of blue moon

Side Story: July 4th, and 5th.
My girlfriend Kim and I went to DC to watch the fireworks, it was super amazing to see in person there, we met up with her friends, ate watermelon. It was a very nice time. The next day we randomly decided to head to Ocean City for a day trip. We started driving and I suggested we stay at my grand parents who live over there. We later did, but before then we hung out in Ocean City, and ironically they had fireworks on the 5th of July because last night's got canceled due to the big storm the night before. We saw fireworks back to back. It was incredible, and a special moment. We walked around then went back to stay at my grand parents. The next morning we headed off to Assategue island where we walked over a tall bridge, hung out on the beach and saw a ton of wild horses. It was super cool, we went out to eat, grabbed ice cream, and drove back home. It was a fantastic weekend and awesome trip.

I have now officially have been to 32 states all together, and still am trying to make it to all 50 states by the age of 30

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Trips, Shows, and Videos!

I have a huge schedule coming up!!! I'm excited to announce my first plane ride will be July 10th, 2014 with Thom Merrill. I am taking a plane from Baltimore to Reno then catching a shuttle to Lake Tahoe, Nevada and I will probably walk to Lake Tahoe, California too but before then I have a 3 hour layover in Salt Lake City, so I definitely have a lot of exploring to do in the very near future.

Following that Artscape is the next weekend after I come back. I plan on trying to get my band The Shaky Experience to play a set sometime while it's going on weather it's a parking lot, laundry room, or bathroom. I want to be heard!!! I want people to sing back to our hit song Fossils, yelling "You're SO OLD!" during Baltimore's biggest Art festival

Then I have two more week in Baltimore till I cash in on my last trip to San Francisco!!! W/ Adam Booz (I've known this guy since second great). This trip is going to be extra great as for Outside Lands Music Festival will be going on, we don't have tickets but we will stand outside of that gate and hear great bands (Arctic Monkeys, Flaming Lips, The Killers, etc.) we also have a one night tour of Alcatraz, so that will definitely be an interesting one!

Here is the line up to the festival I plan to attend.

Media Encounter:
I was on the background of The Today Show and got to meet Al Roker! June 5, he was hosting a treasure hunt. It was a fun time and experience with my best friend Mike Wolf and I randomly walked around down town and catching him on the side.

(I'm not in this video, but I am in the closing segment of The Today Show to the right of Roker)

Hostel Life:
I've been staying relatively busy at the hostel as for I am done working the front desk and am going straight to an Events Coordinator position. I've been doing more bar crawls, tours, and running groups! I really enjoy it a lot. I'm taking a pretty big cut in hours by doing this but it's worth it because I'm doing what I love and working for a company that I love. I actually met some people staying at the hostel that were in Baltimore for a Science Conference and invited me to sneak into the after party at The Hilton for free beers, chips, and talking to nerds about some science. I dressed my best including a tie and had an amazing night! I crashed at the hostel that night due to the massive down pour of rain. We've also been cracking out some Boh's and watching the world cup in the living room. It's nice. #WorldCupCake

Couch Surfers From England:
I attended Greek Festival and Italian Festival in the same weekend, then I logged into my Couch Surfers account and received a message from a guy named Will who I met in Hosteling International Toronto back in June 2010. He messaged me saying he started traveling North America with his girlfriend and has been in Columbia for the last 3 months and that he planned on coming back to Toronto and making his way down to Baltimore then hea
d to California from there. So he did. Will and his girlfriend Elle staying with my girlfriend Kim and I for the weekend, and we had an amazing time with them. We gave them tours all around Baltimore. We watched the England vs Italy game which got super intense and awesome to watch with real English couple, and random Italians in the bar. We went to Gay Pride as for it was going on and they had a huge bloc party so we walked around that. We went to Hon Fest which was one of the most enjoyable experience from that weekend. That was a real great treat, and on the last night we cooked food, drank boh, and watched English movies and tv shows which was amazing! It was a real fun experience having them over.

Say Anything Concert:
Last night Kyle, my girlfriend, and me all got into the Say Anything concert for free. At first I didn't think I would enjoy that type of music because I'm not really a fan of that type of genre but it turned out to be a great performance! Kyle works for a music promotion company so he easily got us in for free. We also played drunk Jenga, and bingo which was hella tight too! Kim won us 5 shots, then we headed back to the show and enjoyed Say Anything! Great things have been happening overall.

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Kim and I finished up our Atlanta road trip video, which you can watch here!!!