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Santa Fe, Thunder

On a Saturday morning in September, I turned on my laptop to explore what events were going on that weekend. I found nothing intriguing. I decided to look up half marathons to run in the upcoming weeks. I discovered Santa Fe Thunder Half Marathon was happening tomorrow morning (Sunday, 09/17). My horoscope insisted I would make a spontaneous decision that would lead into an adventure. I purchased a $100 entry fee to enter a race 6 hours away from my apartment.

I booked a Motel 6 being it was the cheapest option for an accommodation. Kim and I packed our things and hit the road! After countless hours of driving we made it to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We checked into our motel and drove over to Ying Yang for dinner. It was late and I needed to get my rest, but we weren't ready to call it a night. Meow Wolf was only a few minutes from our motel. We drove over and explored the lobby and gift shop. We visited Meow Wolf earlier in the summer and didn't feel the need to…

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Baltimore, Maryland
I visited my hometown during it's busiest weekend, Artscape. Lots of my compadre's bands were on the lineup and I couldn't miss out on such a grand time. I caught my flight, had a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina and shortly after, I arrived in Charm City. I spent a week in Bmore visiting friends, family, exploring the changes in the city, and enjoying the art festival.

I spent my first day back home catching up with my family in Dundalk. We conversed for hours while I was relaxing on the couch after an exhausting plane ride. That night I was booked to play Joe Squared as part of a pre - Artscape kickoff show.

The lineup was Knife Party, Pelvis Presley, Terror Pigeon, Real Dom, and Domino. All the musicians put on a phenomenal performance. After my set, I hung out with friends and watched the rest of bands. I also earned a free pizza of my choice, two free beverages, and $20 in door money. The show couldn't of been better. The two touring acts T…

Summer Recap

TheShakyExperience(RadioShow) I made a flyer couple of months ago that read "Hello reader, I am interested in work for you. I'm good at marketing, but my passion is entertainment. Email me, thank you". I hung them up around Denver. As I was hanging one at the Auraria campus, I noticed they were having a small fair. That is when I discovered MET Media. I showed them my flyer and they admired my ambition and offered me to have my own radio show. I accepted and now have my own live radio show every Monday 1-2pm MST at Metropolitan State University.

I host The Shaky Experience (Show). I have completed 6 episodes and one teaser. I curate a list of bands that I want to play on my show every week. I do my best to make my show as interactive as possible by inviting listeners to let me know what they want to hear or if they have a topic they want covered and want to discuss on my show.

I emailed The Underground Music Showcase Festival about potentially having a representative com…

Grand Canyon


A trip to Grand Canyon was next on the bucket list for Kim and I. We planned out a trip and were ready to accomplish our next goal, but first I needed to finish up my duties as a little league coach for Denver Parks and Rec. It was the last game of the season for my 5-6 and 9-10 year old kids. It was truly an unexpected experience me working with kids. Who knew I would be capable of coaching kids? I certainly didn't, but it was fun and I'm glad I did it. We received medals for our participation in the league. We said our goodbyes and now had the green light of no responsibilities for weeks to come.

After a 6 hour drive we made it to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We started off by checking into our Motel 6 to give Bailey (our dog) a place to relax. Beside our motel was an incredible medal and glass shop, that made cool figurines of sugar skulls, Mexican suns, and other mythical objects. We left the shop to go get food at Ying Yang Chinese Restaurant. We had their food last times we…

Denver to Baltimore to San Francisco

B A L T I M O R E! 

Light City's second annual festival was coming up and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see all of my home town friends and family during such a jam packed week/end. I bought my tickets to Baltimore using money I earned by providing my opinion in a focus group about Gatorade a few weeks before. My trip was covered and my backpack was packed. I got on the flight and with a short layover in Chicago. I finally made it to Charm City.

I left so much behind when I moved away from Baltimore. I was running monthly hostel shows, marketing a local currency, and having the best nights of my life with friends and family. Not to mention I was featured in 3 newspapers last year for the work I was accomplishing. That being said, it only felt appropriate for me to visit during such a special time.

The first night I stayed in Dundalk with my family. It was special being in the house I grew up in. I was around the two women I care about the most. I discovered fossilize…